Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nobody's Perfect

We tried to take a family picture for Scott's Dr. website. Something that says "family guy", but my children do not sit still and especially not for a camera. So all those perfect families in the photos with no blinks, or runny noses, or crying child because of the sun, that's not my family. We are not perfect and these photos are as good as it gets.

My personal favorites...

The best pictures were the ones when we stopped trying.

200 pictures later, there is still no family group shot to hang on the wall, but I did get some great shots of my men. They may not be perfect but I sure love them.


  1. I really think the top picture you posted is great for a family shot. There never is a perfect one. I swear people must combine 2 or 3 shots when everyone looks A+. And your "not trying" pictures are just priceless! I LOVE the one at the top of the slide. :)

  2. Love the pictures. This always happens with us when we try to pose. I am with you on that one. Hope all is going well. Your kiddos are adorable.

  3. Lisa! Love these shots. Candid is generally always better. Kids can sense it. Part of the spidey sense.

  4. Lisa, What cute pictures! I love family picture #3. But where would can one find the song: Dead Meat??? That is unreal!!! I love Carson's solo picture in the "unstructured" section. Boy he is so handsome! Those Vance boys are going to Rock and Roll in high school. Good luck, mom! (-:

  5. you dont have to be perfectly placed for a family group shots. I love the ones you posted. YOu could put any of those on the wall and on his website