Saturday, March 28, 2009

Boys are GROSS

Look at this cute little family keeping themselves busy by playing in the yard; while mom and dad are working in the Garden.

Now just what exactly are those boys playing with? Nobody is making any noise so something "good"must be happening.

Look a little closer. What is he holding?

Meet Slimy the slug. Cooper's new pet. I'm all for bugs and worms and things, but letting a slug slime up your arm is a new level of GROSS my boys have introduced me to. He just sat there watching the slug move all over him. I hope Cooper didn't eat one while I wasn't watching. GROSS.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Introduction to the Crazies

These are my crazies. The boy above is Carson, age 3. The two below are Scott, age 31 and Cooper age 16 months. They are my whole life and the cause of my future insanity.

I've decided to welcome myself to the world of blogging for two reasons, 1. to show the world the two cutiest children ever and 2. to keep a written family history. I'm very spiritual that way. :) Welcome to my crazy life, feel free to watch the ride. - Loves, Lisa