Thursday, July 30, 2009

End of an Era

We sold our car today. I'm sad to see it go. This was the car we drove on our honeymoon. We drove it to college graduation. We drove Carson home from the hospital. Alot of great memories. But at 227,152 miles, it was time to say goodbye. When repairs cost more than the car is worth, we had to say goodbye. So thank you old friend.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Fear

At 3 1/2 Carson is ready to scuba. I'm so proud.

Does it count as "pool safe" is he needs a scuba mask and snorkle to move around the pool?

With his new found freedom, he decided to be adventurous, no fear. These are the stills...

And this is the action....

Way to go son, you are a born fish, just like your mother.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Its a hard knock life.

Toddlers have a hard life. Take this zoo trip for instance. Carson and cousin Jilllian could sit and be pushed in a stroller instead of walking in the heat. They could have snacks and sippy cups any time during the day. Uncle Brent was there to entertain.

Look at those faces. They look really depressed and downtrodden. It must be hard to be young.

Dinosaur Mania

This is dinosaur day at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. We made the weekend a whole event. The boys slept in dinosaur pjs. We watched "Land before time" in the car on the way there.

They wore dinosaur shirts to the park.

They pretended to be dinosaurs.

Mom brought dinosaurs from home to play with so we wouldn't be succored into buying really expensive dinosaur zoo toys. (Mom is cheap)

And dad came along as the dinosaur hunter. The boys thought he was very brave because he actually pet the dinosaurs and growled back at them.

Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July Massacre

My children have a great affinity for snails. In fact, this is my second blog about snails.

In honor of the Forth of July we decided to attack the enemy's of Grandma house. So her plants could live without fear of being eaten. Early in the morning we set out on our mission.

We collected as many of the enemy troops we could find (50 something snails).

After we interrogated them for curiosity sake and to keep the soldiers busy, the bloodbath began.

There were no survivors, the poor snails didn't stand a chance. It was a massacre.

Grandma's house was saved, but there were many casualties. To ease the mental suffering of my soldiers we had a BBQ and swim party to finish up the day.
This blog is not meat to be disrespectful, to real soldiers and their suffering. It is for entertainment purposes only, not a political statement. I am truely grateful for my freedom and the cost it takes to protect them. We live in the greatest nation on the earth. It is not perfect, but that is because of human weakness not the ideals of our founding fathers.