Thursday, June 25, 2009


Remember that cartoon "Recess" that used to be on Disney channel. It was about 3rd graders at recess and the various problem that arise. One of the problems were the kindergartner's. They were savage warlike kids who were crazy and out of control. They wore war paint everyday and any big kid caught there in the kindergarten playground was tied up and tortured.
These are my crazies adorned with war paint and everything. They are very dangerous when it comes to sidewalk chalk. BEWARE.

Monday, June 22, 2009

We're all sick

Today is day 8, of our quarantine. We have all been sick with a major sinus virus. I have exhausted my video/DVD collection and I'm not sure what to do next. I'm sick of watching children's movies. I'm sick of runny noses.

I'm sick of wearing valour jumpsuits and not really sleeping while the kids watch movies.

I'm sick of cough drops and over the counter the medicines that don't really work. I've discovered than any medicine that advertises "made with honey" really means "this tastes disgusting".

I'm sick of having a sick spouse. This was my attempt at a Father's day extravaganza. After breakfast we all crashed and tried to take turns napping throughout the day.

These are the ties that the boys made Scott for Father's day. He didn't even get to wear them to church. All in all I'm sick of being sick.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tractor Show

On my mission, I grew an appreciation for tractors. I actually went to a New Holland tractor factory and had a tour. I know its kind of country bumpkin but I wanted to share my love of tractors with my boys. So we went to a tractor show.

The boys loved it.

Scott on the other had was not that amused. It might have been because he grew up around tractors and has farmer relatives, or it could of been because I suggested he go into the cattle truck with the boys. 3 out of 4 having a great day isn't bad.

Is it considered child endangerment to put children in a cattle truck? They had a great time crawling around the hay and manure. Scott was a pretty good sport.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Natural History

This is our attempt to take a family picture with children who don't sit still. Both mom and dad were unsuccessful.

We gave up with the picture thing and just had a great day at the LA Natural History Museum.

Mom and Carson digging for fossils.

"Mom the dinosaur"

Cooper's favorite part was crawling under the security railing and putting his face on the glass to get the closest look possible. He looks just like the seals.

Carson would run from exhibit to exhibit. Just watching him was exhausting.

Good thing I am current on all my "Land Before Time" characters. Look Carson, there is the "three horn" and "long neck", forget words like triceratops, what three year old can say "tyrannosaurus rex"? "Sharp tooth" is just easier for us all.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Home Teacher

We've had some greats and not so greats when is comes to home teaching, Right now we have a "great". This is Bro. Ward, he spent the whole visit letting Carson teach him how to be a pirate. I will actually remember this visit for years to come, Thanks Bro. Ward.

Hey good lookin

Cooking lessons with mom.

The only directions are to make as big a mess as possible. I think we succeeded.


This is the Gluttony of Memorial Day 2009, BBQ Ribs and Chicken.

Thank you service men . . . now hand over the meat.

Unanswered Prayers

Ok, so remember that blog about prayer and finding Carson's toy, well today Carson learned that prayers are not always answered. Both the boys colored on the walls...

I put them directly in Time Out. Carson then started to pray. "Dear Lord, bless me to come out of time out?" I looked at him thinking, good luck with that one. Then Cooper folded his hands and tried. I guess their prayers were eventually answered but they did their penance in Time Out. Prayers are not answered according to the sinners timing.

Note to self: the magic eraser really is magic. The crayon came right off. Thank you Mr. Clean.