Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rainy Day part 2

Today I had a fond memory from my childhood. My mom used to make homemade play dough. There were 6 of us kids, so the batches were huge. I didn't think anything of this memory until today. I was making the same play dough recipe and the smell hit me. The smell of salt, flour and alum. It is not necessarily a pleasant smell, but today it was a great reminiscent smell. Thanks goes out to my mother who taught me how to make play dough and pass this memory on to my children. You are the greatest mom in the world. I love you.

The recipe is as follows for anyone who is interested.

2 cups flour
2 cups water
2 T oil
2 T powdered alum
1 cup salt
2 T vanilla (this is an improvement for the smell sency 20 years ago)
food coloring

Mix all dry ingredients. Add oil and water. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until reaching the consistency of dry mashed potatoes. Remove from heat, let cool enough to knead. Add vanilla and food coloring while Kneading. The dough can be separated to make different colors. Store in ziploc bags in fridge, can last a long time without drying out.

Rainy Days

It's been raining for days and my indoor activity creativity is at its peak of greatness. The balloons are bad guys and the heros are the guys with the swords. This activity lasted for the good part of an hour.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Things I learned this Christmas

This is a list of things I didn't expect to learn this Christmas. Some were great learning experiences, others I could live without.

1. If you buy 3 gallons of Eggnog, my family can and will drink 3 gallons of Eggnog.

2. Helmets look great at age 2. They are still cute, not dorky.

3. Marines will give a toddler a dead bait fish, regardless of the parents wishes. Pee-yew!

4. Hunters will always be hunters. Even it they are electronic deer.

5. 2 red headed children the same age, is asking for trouble.

6. Grandpa's obnoxious large gift is the children's all-time favorite. Thanks Grandpa.

Post for Grandmothers

This is for all the relatives who wanted to be here for Christmas.
Christmas Eve "Living" Nativity Tradition.
Joseph and a Shepard

Loving embrace between Mary and Joseph.

Christmas Morning

Santa was great. The kids loved everything.
Carson is a Rock Star, He rode his bicycle like a pro.