Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm a Bad Mother

So after a great time at Sea World, I was feeling like a great mom. We got out of the house and had an adventure. Then I was humbled. Look at these little hands.

I put sunscreen on everyone, hats were worn, MJ was in the carrier all day with a hat, I thought we were all covered. I forgot about her hands, they were hanging out in the sun all day. She ended up blistering and peeling. Poor little girl with the bad mother.

Sea World

We have passes to Sea World this year. These are some of the highlights:

Giant Groupers



and of coarse Shamu

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Easter pt 2

For Easter this year we may have gone a little overboard. We only had five children yet we ended up with over 300 eggs. You know you have too many eggs when the children pick and choose which eggs they want. It was a great day.

Easter pt 1

The boys had a great time coloring eggs this year. We taught dad the eggs in bowls tradition. Mj did not enjoy it very much as seen below. But it was fun spending time with Grandpa.