Saturday, February 27, 2010

it snowed in hell

Anyone who knows my husband, will know that he is not fond of living in California. So this blog is dedicated to him. The other day it hailed as part of a heavy rain storm. I heard this phrase coming from the front door. "Look honey, it is snowing in Hell." I guess Hell has finally frozen over and we are still living in California.

Monday, February 15, 2010

daddy's helpers

The best way to teach a child to work, is to work along side him.

Granted, it does take twice as long to complete the project and clean up after the children, but there was a parenting moment in there somewhere.


At what age does mother affection come taboo? This is my two year old. He is convinced that I am "his woman!!"

This is what is does in front of Dad to mark is territory. Notice the vice like grip he has on my head. He will stay like this, until Dad comes over and says "Hey, that's my woman!" and tickles him. Sometimes for a whole minute. My face is wet all over by the time he's done, but its worth my son still liking kissing his mom.

Carson's Birthday

My little baby in now 4. Who thought I would ever be old enough to have a 4 year old child. The original plan was to go to a pirate shaped playground and let 9 boys and 1 girl run a muck outside. We were rained out. Thank goodness for the Chruch gym. Happy Birthday Carson!!!!

Appreciate the tablescape. Just take a last minute craft, beach towel, boat and waa-laa. Totally looks planned.

The birthday boy is in the middle, with the hat. He's looking at his treasure chest cake, made by dad.

After attacking the pirated dressed punching bag, jumping on it, sitting on it. It survived. I was counting on the party to break it, but alas, it is the gift that keeps on giving. Once again, thanks grandpa.