Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween in Vegas

So come to find out my Aunt is famous.  I thought she was famous in LDS circles or old singer "where are they now" kind of way, but I was mistaken.  This is Marie Osmond, and she has been continually famous for five decades, and had a #1 song in 2011.  I never realized what a big deal Donny and Marie are.  

My mother-in-law knew differently.  She is a huge fan and taught her kids Osmond brothers dance moves when they were little.  So to surprise her for her birthday, we kidnapped her to Vegas for a Concert and VIP treatment with the stars.  She was thrilled. Scott and I had a great time too.  The Donny and Marie show was very entertaining and fun to watch.  I will never forget this Halloween. Thanks Aunt Marie.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Posts for the Grandparents

The kids are alive and well despite the living conditions.  They even look happy. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another big day

           My little boy is five.  This makes me feel really old. Because we have no kitchen or means to make a cake, my sweet husband got up before dawn and got us breakfast at Mcd's.  We put candles in the egg mcmuffin and sang to him.  Five candles doesn't quite have the same effect as 35, but its still fun. The crown at the bottom was from school.  He wore it all day, 10 hours and still king for the day.  We played his video game, went swimming, and had noodles with red sauce (his favorite dinner).  "It was the best day ever" - he said.  

Life Goes On

Life goes on despite living conditions or lack their of.  Here is the start of birthday season at our home.  We started if off with a birthday dance party. This picture does not do it justice.  

This facial expression is saying "I hope all these candles don't start a house fire."  We had a big waxy mess. I've decided its really fun to put the total number of candles on a cake.  The first one melts by the time the last one is lit.  Next year I'm going to have to come up with a new lighting strategy.   

The boys picked out a lego set for "Dad" for his birthday.  After it was opened and put together they went into their room and shut the door, not caring about opening the other presents.  Aren't they thoughtful children?  Getting dad the exact toy they have been pining away for.  

Happy Birthday Sweetheart.