Saturday, March 28, 2009

Boys are GROSS

Look at this cute little family keeping themselves busy by playing in the yard; while mom and dad are working in the Garden.

Now just what exactly are those boys playing with? Nobody is making any noise so something "good"must be happening.

Look a little closer. What is he holding?

Meet Slimy the slug. Cooper's new pet. I'm all for bugs and worms and things, but letting a slug slime up your arm is a new level of GROSS my boys have introduced me to. He just sat there watching the slug move all over him. I hope Cooper didn't eat one while I wasn't watching. GROSS.


  1. Okay, now that is disgusting! Boys crack me up. I don't understand why they think stuff like that is so fun. P.S. I love that you now have a blog!

  2. SICK!!!! I wish I knew your little guys-- they seem so fun!

  3. oh man. . . I can't believe how big your baby is!!! Time for ANOTHER! :)