Sunday, October 10, 2010


I added four posts to cover the last 2 months. I needed to do some catching up.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cousin Craziness

This is my family. Not extended family, just siblings their spouses and children. There were 27 of us there and we were still missing 4. It must mean I am getting old to be one on the Aunts at a family reunion.

These are the crazy cousins. Most of whom range from age 2 - 5 with a few older exceptions.
My kid is the one with the the biggest mouth.

Here he is again, with another big grin.

These are the other two belong to me. They are avid fisherman. At least on vacation. Poor Carson, sat there for 3 hours and didn't catch a single fish. How do you explain luck to a four year old? He was in tears by the time we left.

Very full day

We went to Beaver, Utah for a family reunion recently. I know what you must be thinking, What in the world is there to do in Beaver? I was thinking the same thing. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised. Here are some Family pics by a lake we went fishing at.

What follows is what we did during the course on ONE day.

Scott was a cowboy and barrel raced with the best of them.

Taught the boys how to throw a lasso.

Carson thought it was more fun to be the caught than to actually throw the rope.

Watched a family rodeo, (and no, the rest of my family are not cow folk, so it was very entertaining)

Ate lots of Grandma's beef jerky.


Rode Horses. Yee- haw.

Not pictured things included taking a hay ride, climbing up a rock mountain wall (Cooper climbed it at age 2 1/2, I was amazed). Look for things in a hay stack. Went shooting. Took my niece to fire her first gun, it was a proud aunt moment. Realized that I was the best target shooter of the group. Watch out Wyatt Earp. Did archery. Realized that I was not the best archery shot. Scott worked me. Went back to camp and sat around a campfire. It was a very full day.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cooper's big day. He's 3. We went to Grandma Janny's to celebrate. He wanted a bug party

Look at this cool bug cake. He must a cool mom to make such a cool bug cake.

Here is the loot.

I love you Cooper-bug. I'm so proud of you, big boy. Way to go turning 3. You are growing up way to fast.