Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dead Meat

I must be a great a mom. My boys are not making any noise. Its been 20 minutes of peace and quiet. Nobody is crying and they are not watching TV. They have finally learned to entertain themselves and not bug each other. I must be a great mom. So, I decided to check on what they were doing, half expecting some genius acivity of some sort. This is what I found. . .

They were raiding the Easter egg candy from a hunt we had last week.

Covered in a sticky jellybean/chocolaty mess. They are dead meat. BOYS!!!!!


  1. Oh those quiet moments! Sometimes you get lucky, but usually not...
    Ahh, motherhood.
    These days I seem to be saying to Isaac "Do you know where he learned that? From you! If you hit, he'll hit you back!"

  2. I agree with Audrey! MOST of those quiet little moments are caused by something SO exciting (and naughty) that all talk is forgotten. :)

    At least it wasn't worse!

  3. I cant believe how big they are getting!