Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have fond memories of camping. Marshmallows for dinner, hot chocolate for breakfast. A nice warm fire and cozy tent. Generally a peaceful fun experience....

Now as a parent I realize MY CAMPING MEMORIES ARE DISTORTED. Who is the person that makes the fire... parents, who makes breakfast and the hot chocolate.... parents. Who gets up in the middle of the night for potty runs... parents. Who doesn't sleep at all because they have children inside their sleeping bag to keep them warm.... parents. Who might need to buy a new air mattress because of the craziness that happened in the tent... parents.

Camping as a parent STINKS!!! I would like to publicly apologize to my parent for all the times we went camping. I realize now that is was not the peaceful, easy vacation experience. Its work all the freaking time.
This video captures the chaos of the weekend...


  1. you are very brave to take them camping! Good job. I am sure they enjoyed it as much as you did growing up. A whole head of lettuce??? Good job!

  2. Wait til they are a little older. They will not be quite so much work! Still, my husband did all the work. No wonder he always looked tired. I took a page from my mom. She sat in the car and read the Reader's Digest. Oh my poor husband. I feel so badly. I did pack the food though. Still, i'm feeling guilty!

  3. I accept your apology and yet would I do it all again...a resounding YES. It is our job to give you great memories no matter what the tole is on us as parents. That teaches us selfless love. Enjoy the personal growth. Mom and camper extrodinair. Lisa, (DAD) my last campout was composed of 17 spanish speaking girls and 21 boys. We slept next to a camp that played music all night, told bad jokes and compensated for the bad jokes by drinking a lot of bear. In contrast, camping with 6 well behavied perfectly raised children is paradise in comparison. GO CAMPERS!!!

  4. haha. . . man oh man. I have never for a moment been tempted to take my children camping--so you are a saint for even doing it! I'm sure they loved it.