Monday, November 2, 2009

And the winner is...

A knight, a dragon, supermom

and John Wayne.
I learned two things about my husband this Halloween. First, he has a great John Wayne impression and second, he carves awesome pumpkins. For a holiday he doesn't like, he sure contributed to it this year. Thanks honey. Feel the Love. :)


  1. too cute. the pumpkin carvings are awesome. do you think it is a "growing up in McCall" thing. Nathan does really well at this activity also. I am always impressed.

  2. great costumes, pumpkins, and cake! Love the cowboy outfit! Miss you guys!

  3. you really scored this year. Both with the pumpmin carver and the very in to their costume sons you have. You may have a battle on your hand to get those costumes off for a couple of months. great job in facilitating that great memory.

  4. Well, good job, honey! Grandma Jean is sitting here crying over that silly John Wayne reading. I love your blog! You really know how to get to my heart. I miss you guys so much! Feel the hugs! Love ya!