Sunday, November 1, 2009


Cooper's Birthday was earlier this month. Better late than never to post about it.

I was thinking of going to grandma's house for General Conference and opening presents to keep the boys busy. No party, no cake, he's only two - he'll never remember. Than my sweet husband said No Way. So on the way to Grandma's we stopped at Alberson's and found the really neat cake. It was even better because it required no effort from me.

He loved the cake, or atleast the frosting.
His favorite present was the Cowboy outfit from Grandma Jean. Grandma Jean is a smart woman, so she sent 2 outfits, one for each boy. Thanks Grandma Jean and Hppy Birthday to Cooper.

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  1. Grandpa Phil would be proud! You make a right handsome cowboy, Mr. Cooper!