Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I've been robbed

This looks like a normal backyard right... Wrong. There used to be two bicycles hanging upside from the rafters. They were locked to each other, than locked to the pole.

We went to San Diego for a Day, to escape the smoke from the fires and when we came home we were missing $1700 worth of top of the line bikes. The jerks were nice enough to leave the cut chain behind.
Scott bought me this beauty for Christmas 2 years ago. Some days I hate living in California.

Carson was trying to be sympathetic, he offered, "Dad, you can ride my bike to work. I'll share". That was the only thing positive that came out of the whole day. Stupid California hooligans.


  1. Wow that seriously SUCKS about the bikes! I am so sorry. And that was his mode of transportation too! UGH! Your trip looked so fun! I love your story that went with it. who watched the kids?

  2. that is horrible. i am so sorry to read about that.