Sunday, August 30, 2009

1st Lisa, Chapter 1

I, Lisa having been born of goodly parents. Who provided a lifestyle of adventure and travel. To whom I am eternally indebted with gratitude and thanksgiving do here make a record of my proceedings in the lands southward, (Guatemala).

And it came to pass that giants were upon the land, who wore a bright manner of fine twined linen that could be seen for miles around.

And we traveled in the wilderness for many hours.

Whereupon we found abundant wildlife, that brought fear into the hearts of men.

And it came to pass that we came upon a land of desolation, covered with pottery shards and ruins. There were no people to be found up the face of the whole land. I found all manner of buildings, of stone and cement made with curious workmanship.

And now it came to pass that in the eight month of the two thousandth and ninth year we came upon a temple.

And behold, a man of god was brought into this land and climbed upon the walls thereof.

And declared repentance upon the people or they would be destroyed.

Many would not listen because their dehydration and high temperatures. They would rather lay on the cold floors than gather round the temple grounds.

And it came to pass that they were thrown out from the city and the temple grounds and were caused to remain in the wilderness the remainder of their days.

And it came to pass that the man of god was carried away to a promised land (Belize). The remainder of their days were spent in peace and happiness with laughter and lots of scuba diving.


  1. Looks like you had a very fun trip! I just got back from Ukraine on Tuesday, I will come out to see you once the temperatures drop a little.

    So sorry about your stuff :(. Did you have renter's insurance?

  2. Love It! We all had a blast didn't we. That really WAS clever and fun to read from your perspective. I didn't even know you guys found a little tiny turtle. How cute. Where was that at?

  3. I know there was a reason we sent you on a mission and to college and semester in Jerusalum. Just goes to show all that time invested was worth it. You really know how to apply the scriptures to you and your life. Lets do it again.