Tuesday, September 15, 2009

war romance

Remember those stories or movies where the soldier says "This is my last night before I ship out..." Then the couple would run off and get married before he left for war. Kind of romantic huh.

Well, this war time romance still happens today. Yesterday my brother got married at the county courthouse giving the family half a day's notice.
He leaves for his third deployment on Friday and his sweet girlfriend of 2 years agreed to marry him. Way to go Mike, she is a keeper. Welcome to the family Yvonne. Wartime romance still exists.

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  1. How is it you always know how to make me cry. I was even there in person without too many tears then you go and add my mom and dad's "song" to the mix. Your sentiment was very appropriate for the situation. Thanks for sharing all your love with them both. Feel the "Banana Peel!"