Sunday, January 29, 2012

Apt living

We are living in an apt complex for the next few month and here are some of the interesting things I'm learning.

1.  The boys think we are living in a Hotel because there is a pool and hot tub
2.   Very own playground
3.  No yard work
4.  Interesting neighbors
5.  Lots of cultural variety
6.  Cheaper rent
7.  All the kids call me maam' ( because I am the only adult watching the kids at the park)
8.  Lots of opportunity to do missionary work.  Humble souls everywhere.
9.  Kids get lots of attention. They are the only blue eyed kids here.
10.  Learned to hang a fleece blanket over my windows at night to block out the security lights and extra noise.  how white trash is that. When in rome...

1.  Smoking habits. Everyone smokes a ton.  Cigarettes or marijuana or pipes or flavored cigarettes.  If people would stop smoking they might have more money to get out of these apartments.  Did you know that smoke can seep through walls, ceilings and air ducts?  It can.
2.  Spitting.  Post pubescent men feeling the need to spit into the bushes. (I do not let my kids near the bushes)
3.  Alcohol.  Why would adults drink beers in the middle of the day and all afternoon.  Its not a holiday or any celebration what so ever.  If people would stop drinking they might have more money to get out of these apts.  Or maybe get a job...
4.  Cat fights.  I am not a yeller.  I do not understand why 2 adults would need to scream out their issues at 2 am in front of the complex.  I did feel like I was watching a jerry springer episode out my window.
5.  15 or so unsupervised kids all afternoon.  The parents kick them out of their apts after school so they hang out by the playground.  they are 3-13 years old.  I'm just waiting for someone to get hurt or stolen.
6.  Parking my Expedition in a garage meant for a Honda Accord.  I've already scratched the car twice.  Stupid garage.
7.  Old windows.  On our first night Scott said, "aren't you going to close the windows?" I replied. "They are."
8.  Walking miles with groceries from parking to my corner apts.  It is helping me buy less items because I know I will have to carry them.
9.  Walking miles to take out the trash.  Let be honest. Scott does this one.
10. The people in my ward are very hesitant to come visit because of the interesting environment.


  1. YOu guys moved? I thought rent wasnt very much where you were. I hope with all the smoke and other bad stuff you are only there short term. WHere are you going next?

    1. the nursing home has sold. so we now have the opportunity to find something new.

  2. This sounds like some of the areas I lived in on my misssion. At the very least the boys will be able to renminisce about the "cool hotel" we lived in. Good luck :-)`nathan

  3. wow, that sounds interesting! Love your pros and cons!! :) So glad for you guys that it's temporary and it'll pay off soon enough. I just hope the house you find is close to me!!

  4. oh man. I have been there... for several years. We heard and spied on some great drunk fights outside our apt by BSU. The best is when I was approached by FBI agents for info regarding wanted criminals last seen at the complex (it happened twice). And when the gang members would freestyle rap on their balconies while I took the trash out--about me taking the trash out. And the little orphan children would always steal anything that got left out for more than 2 seconds...
    There is nothing like it. Bless you!

  5. This reminds me of my time at Riverwalk Apartments. They were low income and I had a very similar experience to yours. At least it's not perminant:) To add to your list....I used to see little toddlers with diapers hanging to their knees that they had been wearing all day long!!! So sad! I also had a neighbor who would leave her 4 kids home with the oldest one babysitting who was only 5! Breaks your heart, I never thought about having missionary opportunities, good work Lisa!:)

  6. oh lisa, the craziest times are definitely some of the most memorable. i can't wait to hear more about what's going on with you guys!:)