Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The LDS faith is sometimes described as a "peculiar people". Well even among those people my hubby and I are considered "crazy". We voluntarily agreed to go on a pioneer trek for 3 days with our 5 month old daughter. I thought it would be a very "authentic" experience, and it was.
This is our pioneer family. We represented a real pioneer family who was pregnant and the couple came by handcart, they had their baby on the trail and everyone made it to the Salt Lake Valley. Likewise we too made it through our trials and all survived for the better.

We pulled and pushed handcarts. We barely made it up testimony mountain.
We did everything very authentic except our sleeping arrangements, we had a tent for our little family. Mj did great. She was carried for 3 days and thought she was in baby heaven. She did spit up in my sleeping bag though. I would go again in a second.

I'm not a fan of really long posts, so I'll keep this one brief. We had an amazing experience and I'd be happy to tell anyone about it. The pioneer were amazing individuals I hope I can be like them.

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  1. that is awesome! I have always wanted to do one!