Saturday, January 2, 2010

Things I learned this Christmas

This is a list of things I didn't expect to learn this Christmas. Some were great learning experiences, others I could live without.

1. If you buy 3 gallons of Eggnog, my family can and will drink 3 gallons of Eggnog.

2. Helmets look great at age 2. They are still cute, not dorky.

3. Marines will give a toddler a dead bait fish, regardless of the parents wishes. Pee-yew!

4. Hunters will always be hunters. Even it they are electronic deer.

5. 2 red headed children the same age, is asking for trouble.

6. Grandpa's obnoxious large gift is the children's all-time favorite. Thanks Grandpa.


  1. Looks like you had a great Christmas :) your boys are awesome!

  2. So far grandpa just knows what will drive the mom crazy and what the kids will love. thank heavens he didn't start this tradition until after his children were raised! signed a greatful mom

  3. That look on Cooper's face while he's holding that dead fish is awesome. . . Marines probably eat those. . . so they think its okay. haha. I don't know.

  4. What fun things to learn! :) I'm glad we were there to experience the dead fish with you. LOL. I missed you guys opening that big blow-up gift for the boys. That's what I get for taking a nap. How funny.

  5. Sorry I'm so late with comments. Learning lessons is what is all about. Just keep it up. Some are easy. But that means the rest are hard. But, hey, we can do hard things! Love ya!