Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Fear

At 3 1/2 Carson is ready to scuba. I'm so proud.

Does it count as "pool safe" is he needs a scuba mask and snorkle to move around the pool?

With his new found freedom, he decided to be adventurous, no fear. These are the stills...

And this is the action....

Way to go son, you are a born fish, just like your mother.


  1. wow. That is so cool he will go off the board and under the water like that!

  2. Oh my! The little fish is getting soooo big! It is so fun that all my grands are swimmers! Some are mutton busters, some runners, some cowboys, some singers, some martial arts enthusiasts, some pirates, some math whizzes, some speak foreign language, but all SWIM!
    Way to go, Carson! You are a STAR!

  3. so cute. he is adorable. thanks for sharing.

    PS. I wish that we lived closer to you guys. When are you coming back to Utah to live again? :)