Monday, July 20, 2009

Its a hard knock life.

Toddlers have a hard life. Take this zoo trip for instance. Carson and cousin Jilllian could sit and be pushed in a stroller instead of walking in the heat. They could have snacks and sippy cups any time during the day. Uncle Brent was there to entertain.

Look at those faces. They look really depressed and downtrodden. It must be hard to be young.


  1. music says it all. The best comment was Brent there to entertain. Too bad your kids are so deprived. Loved the frowns.

  2. Fun stuff. The dino park looked like lots of fun. I remember going to the one in Utah

  3. it is a rough life! when else in your life can you be treated that way? my friend's sister once said that she wished she could be pushed around in a stroller for adults.... my friend replied that would be called a wheelchair. hmmm.... not quite as appealing.