Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tractor Show

On my mission, I grew an appreciation for tractors. I actually went to a New Holland tractor factory and had a tour. I know its kind of country bumpkin but I wanted to share my love of tractors with my boys. So we went to a tractor show.

The boys loved it.

Scott on the other had was not that amused. It might have been because he grew up around tractors and has farmer relatives, or it could of been because I suggested he go into the cattle truck with the boys. 3 out of 4 having a great day isn't bad.

Is it considered child endangerment to put children in a cattle truck? They had a great time crawling around the hay and manure. Scott was a pretty good sport.


  1. Fun stuff. I love the cattle truck. The dinosaurs look fun too.

  2. I love crawling around in manure. . . so fun :) I've never seen a tractor with built-in-umbrella--seriously cushy!

  3. You have the most fun stuff you do. Thats what ,makes being a mom interesting. Remember whale watching? Love to pass the torch to such a capable mom...great job guys!