Saturday, June 6, 2009

Natural History

This is our attempt to take a family picture with children who don't sit still. Both mom and dad were unsuccessful.

We gave up with the picture thing and just had a great day at the LA Natural History Museum.

Mom and Carson digging for fossils.

"Mom the dinosaur"

Cooper's favorite part was crawling under the security railing and putting his face on the glass to get the closest look possible. He looks just like the seals.

Carson would run from exhibit to exhibit. Just watching him was exhausting.

Good thing I am current on all my "Land Before Time" characters. Look Carson, there is the "three horn" and "long neck", forget words like triceratops, what three year old can say "tyrannosaurus rex"? "Sharp tooth" is just easier for us all.

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  1. It is amazing how much energy kids have. And watching them use theirs and never tire seems to magically zap your own energy. I wonder if they have some sort of energy-zapping device that expires around age 13.