Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thanks Jesus

4 days ago Carson lost his shark. We couldn't find it anywhere. Scott suggested that we pray as a family for the shark. I rolled my eyes but agreed. Answers to prayers are funny things.

Today, Carson found his shark. He comes running into my room to show me. I was excited for him and said "good job Carson". He stoped, looked up at the ceiling and lifted his shark into the sky. "Thanks Jesus", he said. The faith of a little child is a precious thing. I had completely forgot we prayed, but he remembered. Thank you for teaching me to have more faith son.


  1. Has Carson been attending a pentecostal church lately :) Such a cute story! I love the unwavering faith of our little ones.

  2. Cute! Angelisa says that is just like her "chocolate cake miracle" (story on our fam site). But basicly she wanted a chocolate cake, I said I couldn't go buy a cake mix and within an hour the next door neighbor came over and had a huge chocolate cake just for us and we loved it. It was like the kind you like from costco, Lisa. Really yummy.