Thursday, June 2, 2011


Is this a calander picture or some nursery advertisement?

Nope, its a rose that I grew and my hubby captured on film. Impressive huh. I'm proud of myself. Its amazing what a little fertilizer can do. Even when I'm not changing diapers I'm still dealing with poo, I never would have imagined my life turned into this. :)


  1. Nice job Lisa. I have to admit though that the only way I appreciate roses is cut and in a vase because I think the plants themselves are just ugly noxious things. But I hear growing roses is a skill so go super you! Oh wait, isn't that a phrase from Super Why? I need to get out more...

  2. beautiful! You always have such beautiful flowers and plants. We just planted in our backyard-- I'll have to show you when you bring the boys over next week :)