Friday, January 14, 2011

A weekend in review

This is Cooper all night Friday with 45 minuets intervals into the bathroom.

This is me on Friday night, at 39 weeks pregnant, having contractions, just like every other night this month. (while helping Cooper).

This is what happened Saturday morning at 11:04. We made it to the hospital by 10:35. And it was a new record. 30 minutes. Natural childbirth, again. I'm still not an advocate of natural childbirth and would recommend to anyone to go for the drugs.

This is McKayla. She is 7lbs 5 oz. A perfect little girl.

This is her introduction to the world and her brothers.

Welcome to the world little one.


  1. Congratulations! She is so beautiful. I've been thinking about a ton and I heard your boys have been sick. Thank goodness your mom is here! I'll call you next week and maybe we can take the boys to the park. How do you look so pretty after having a baby? So not fair!!

  2. Congratulations Lisa and Scott!

  3. Oh Lisa! I guess you really do have prophetic dreams eh? Weird tho that you have a girl since I've gotten so used to you being outnumbered. I have to say I don't envy your 30 minute labor and I can also understand that you don't like it natural. When it goes that fast, it's certainly a long 30 minutes in hell. =P

  4. Ok, wait, back the boat up! I didnt even know you were pregnant, and I read your blog! I must have missed that somewhere! Congrats on the little girlie! and hey, at least she ws born in the hospital, My last one was born in the car while going 60 miles an hour...

  5. Good Job Mama!! I can't wait to meet her!