Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Very full day

We went to Beaver, Utah for a family reunion recently. I know what you must be thinking, What in the world is there to do in Beaver? I was thinking the same thing. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised. Here are some Family pics by a lake we went fishing at.

What follows is what we did during the course on ONE day.

Scott was a cowboy and barrel raced with the best of them.

Taught the boys how to throw a lasso.

Carson thought it was more fun to be the caught than to actually throw the rope.

Watched a family rodeo, (and no, the rest of my family are not cow folk, so it was very entertaining)

Ate lots of Grandma's beef jerky.


Rode Horses. Yee- haw.

Not pictured things included taking a hay ride, climbing up a rock mountain wall (Cooper climbed it at age 2 1/2, I was amazed). Look for things in a hay stack. Went shooting. Took my niece to fire her first gun, it was a proud aunt moment. Realized that I was the best target shooter of the group. Watch out Wyatt Earp. Did archery. Realized that I was not the best archery shot. Scott worked me. Went back to camp and sat around a campfire. It was a very full day.

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  1. Tell Scott he is setting a bad example by not wearing protective head gear while riding horseback... especially rodeo style. Tsk tsk!
    Anyway, love ya, miss ya, and super big congrats on expecting. A girl right? Well, at least according to your dream right? =D I'll send ya some girlie stuff.