Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Lone Ranger

We found the original black and white episodes of "The Lone Ranger". Did you know that this is him...

Ok, well one of these cowboys is him. But to my kids, they are both him. This is Grandpa Phil, aka the Lone Ranger. During the shows the boys would say, "Look, there is Grandpa Phil" Its a greats show. Bad guys, gun fights, the good cowboy always wins.

These are my Lone Rangers. They played cowboys the rest of the day. Here's to you Grandpa Phil.


  1. Wow! Lisa, you might as well have taken me back to the early 1970's when I had two little cowboys and that handsome cowboy in your blog came home to us every night and played cowboys! What a special tribute. Grandpa Phil would love it. He would gather up those two little cowboys and they would have such a great time. Thanks for making the memory live on.

  2. Is that Scotts dad? cuz it sure looks like Scott up there. I dont know where I have been, I have missed a ton of posts! Looks like you all are having fun, like always!

  3. I am sure grampa Phil is smiling from heaven...I would think he has a few older cowboys reliving a few memories here as well. Great post.

  4. holy CRAP that looks like Scott. And COOPER! What happened to him? He looks like a little boy!