Saturday, April 24, 2010


This is one of my hubby's favorite fatherhood moments. Just sitting back watching his boys fishing. Just like his dad used to do with him. Granted there was no actual fish caught or taken home, it was the thrill of the cast and the sense of accomplishment of watching his sons in the great outdoors. Men have odd moments of parenthood bliss.

Grandma Jeanne was there to make sure to the boys learned just how Grandpa Phil would have taught them. I bet he was smiling from heaven.

Way to go boys, you just made your dad's day.


  1. Thanks Babe, you made me get all wishy washy!! Fishing, my boys are growing up!! Thanks Dad, for teaching me how to fish!! I sure have great memories with my Dad fishing!! I am sure his memories might not be as pleasant as mine, but I am glad he spent the time with me!! Thanks Dad for teaching me how to be a Father!!

  2. Huh, well you think Scott's weird, Brad has similar "dad moments" but it may surprise you what those are, then again maybe not =) Brad's dad moments include being excited over the fact that Novan is annoyingly like him such as having a distaste for wearing flip flops cuz he feels like their gonna fall off his feet or when Novan finds a comfotable place to sit with Dad and watch TV like right on his head. He looks forward to future Dad moments like having Novan write buy and sell levels on his stock board in the office...can you imagine? makes me laugh just to think about that possibility.