Monday, October 19, 2009

A Real Pumpkin Patch

Usually during October, we city folks go to a pretend pumpkin patch. It is set up in the Mall parking lot, with lots of straw and giant blow up carnival type rides. There are pumpkins everywhere and all of them way over priced. The past 4 years we have gone to the parking lot pumpkin patch, snapped a few photos of the boys by pumpkins and called it a good autumn experience. This year we went back to Scott's roots. A real farm with real pumpkins still in the dirt.

During our trip to Idaho, we went to Grandview and got in touch with our inner rural selves. I probably shouldn't say "our", I should say Scott's and the boys inner rural selves.

We all had a great time. Did you know you could eat corn right off the stalk, without cooking it. It was delish.

Vance boys in there natural habitat. Don't they fit in well?

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